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Fever Smart

The Smart Patch Thermometer

Fever Smart allows you to monitor temperature 
continuously and remotely using your smartphone.
Fever Smart’s combination of four key features
makes it different from anything else on the market:


Fever Smart allows parents to remotely monitor their child’s temperature using their smartphone


Fever Smart continuously monitors temperature and relays the data

Alert System

Parents receive alerts when their child’s temperature is beginning to rise

Cloud connected

Parents have access to the data from anywhere around the world using the power of the cloud


The key to good hardware is amazing software.
Fever Smart’s user interface is intuitive
and designed with our core users in mind.
Fever Smart’s free app is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Fever Smart’s technology is simple and easy to use. Here how it works: a small electronic device, or “Brain Unit,” is attached to the patient via a disposable patch, and the “Relay Unit” sits in the same room. The Brain Unit monitors body temperature and transmits data real-time through a nano-bluetooth chip to the Relay Unit, which then sends the temperature data to Fever Smart’s servers.

Using a smart phone or any Internet-connected device, a Fever Smart user, be it a parent or healthcare provider, can constantly monitor the patient’s temperature in real time and even receive alerts when their temperature begins to rise or reaches unsafe levels. Patients will build important personal temperature data sets that can be used to track trends over time.

Why Temperature?

With the rise of wearable technology, we have so much access to data today- but that can easily lead to information overload. The question is: how do you hone in on what’s most important?

Temperature is the most basic indicator of health. As most of us know, having body temperature significantly above or below average can be the first sign of a medical issue. However, traditional thermometers only give one-time readings and thus can’t measure deltas, meaning changes. A sudden change in temperature generally means that your body may have a serious problem, and catching a sudden rise in temperature allows for immediate medical attention. Now there’s no need to wait until you already feel like you have a fever to take your temperature. It’s time to start preventing the problem, instead of waiting to fix it.

Fever Smart measures axillary temperature, which is the most accurate non-invasive method of taking temperature readings. Unlike devices that are worn on extremities, Fever Smart is not prone to the variance in ambient temperature. Axillary temperature readings are generally 0.5°F to 1°F lower than oral temperature readings- Fever Smart’s software will take care of the conversion for you so that you know that your information is always accurate.


Parents and Children

Fever Smart’s first consumer application focus has been empowering parents and providing them with peace of mind when it comes to their children’s health. We know that the last thing a mom or dad wants to do to their children is wake them up at night once they’ve fallen asleep. Now parents can receive alerts on their smart phone when their child’s temperature begins to rise so that they can take treat them immediately. Fever Smart takes the guesswork out of determining whether your child is actually getting sick. Now you can confidently monitor your kids’ health.

Tracking for Ovulation

Women who are looking to increase their chances of becoming pregnant oftentimes monitor their basal body temperature to help track ovulation. In order to optimize opportunity of conception, pinpointing ovulation can be key. Because Fever Smart allows you to track trends over time, it can help women determine the best times of the month to conceive. Fever Smart can also provide OB/GYNs with important information that can help them provide women who are trying to conceive with personalized healthcare solutions.

Hospital Systems and Post-Operative Care

Hospitals can save valuable time and money by implementing Fever Smart’s technology. No longer will nurses have to walk around to each patient’s room to regularly take temperature readings with conventional thermometers; now one individual can monitor dozens of patients at a time using a single smart device. Fever Smart can thus cut labor costs and resource allocation significantly. In addition, Fever Smart is perfect for post-operative care, when patients must monitor for sudden changes in temperature. Patients can take a Fever Smart home and simultaneously track their temperature with a healthcare provider to help prevent dangerous post-op complications.

Ebola Outbreak

According to the World Health Organization, there have been over 10,000 cases of Ebola infection. Mandatory quarantines are now being enacted for individuals who are at risk for infection due to travel. Fever Smart can be used as a means of early detection both for individuals at risk of contracting Ebola in developing countries as well as for Western volunteers who have spent time in Africa. Fever Smart is looking to work with government officials and aid organizations to distribute product in developing countries where risk for Ebola is high, as well as in the United States to help monitor for signs of infection in high-risk individuals.


Is Fever Smart safe to use?

Fever Smart is absolutely safe. We have FDA certification and our device is designed to provide the most accurate temperature readings in a safe, non-invasive way.

How does Fever Smart measure temperature?

Fever Smart uses axillary (under the armpit) temperature. Axillary temperature is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature reading.

Why does Fever Smart use axillary temperature?

Fever Smart uses axillary temperature because it allows for accurate non-invasive temperature readings.

What is a “relay unit”?

The relay unit is a iPad, iPod touch or smartphone that sits in the same room as the child. The relay unit is able to receive the bluetooth transmission from the Fever Smart device and relay it to you over wifi. The Fever Smart device can also communicate directly to your smartphone via bluetooth, but the range is limited (15 feet).

What devices can be used as a “relay unit”?

We currently support any device after (and including): iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5, iPad 3, and iPad Mini. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will also be compatible with the device.

Will Fever Smart work with Android, Blackberry, Windows? When will my platform be supported?

Prior to launch, we are developing for iOS. In the future, Fever Smart will also be accessible through Android, and a mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly web app which can be accessed on any web-enabled device or any device within Bluetooth range.

Does Fever Smart come with any of the disposable patches?

Of course! Each Fever Smart is shipped with 10 disposable patches. Additional patches can be purchased at an affordable price.

How can Fever Smart help my child’s pediatrician?

With Fever Smart, you can track your child’s temperature trends over time and send this information to their pediatrician. Doctors can use the data to create personalized healthcare solutions.

I live outside of the United States, can I pre-order a Fever Smart?

Yes. Fever Smart will ship worldwide.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping in the US is included. There is an additional cost of $20 for international shipping. Shipment does not include extra fees from customs, or additional costs associated with your country. If it turns out that shipment to your country proves impossible, we will reimburse your order.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes – if the battery ever runs out, you can simply replace it. Fever Smart uses CR2025, which can be purchased at any convenience store.

Is the device waterproof?

No. Fever Smart should not be used in the bath or pool.

How do I contact someone on the Fever Smart team?

If you wish to get in touch with us, you can contact us at

Our Team

Fever Smart’s team has experience in engineering, management, and medicine.


Aaron Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer


William Duckworth

Chief Technical Officer


Becca Goldstein

Chief Operating Officer


Collin Hill

Chief Marketing Officer


Evan Goldstein

Chief Medical Officer

Crowdfunding Campaign

In September 2014, Fever Smart launched a month-long crowdfunding campaign.
We raised our $40,000 goal in just four days, and reached nearly $63,000 of funding by the end of the campaign thanks to
the support of more than 250 funders.


Parent Liaison Board

We are currently on the lookout for parents who are passionate about technology and want to become more involved in our community.
Fever Smart is in the process of assembling a team of rock star parents to help provide insight into how Fever Smart
can best help this target audience. Please reach out with any interest or questions.

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